Let’s be honest, most of us have a list a mile long of to-do’s around the house that never get done – including organizing the garage. For one reason or another, this job constantly gets pushed down to the bottom of the barrel by us world-class procrastinators. Maybe it’s all psychological? We’re thinking, the heavier the job, the bigger the mission, the more energy to put in, the more time invested of the little time we have, the less help there is, the more stress and more mess, less sleep….HELP!

It’s no secret that life is full of unexpected, inconvenient, overwhelming curve balls that constantly set us off track.  Suddenly, modest, pleasant non-threatening tasks like cleaning out the garage, or simply organizing your work space transform into a mega-huge ultra-threatening mission a month later when that messy work space turns into a monster-sized tower of junk that may or may not have a living, breathing being underneath. This is not good!  As the experts in garage storage and organization, we’ve put together a short list of ways to help you stop procrastinating now, so you’re not crying in clutter later.

1) Getting Started – Talking about the job is one thing, but putting the wheels in motion is a whole other tool cabinet. Making a list of all the necessary steps of to-do’s on paper will help you see the big picture, and make organizing that workspace a little less intimidating. For example, make a list of what needs to be done in your garage – sweep the floor, wash the car, de-clutter your worktop, unpack your summer stuff, and setup wall organizers. Once you’ve got your list, moving forward is much easier – you’ve got it all down on paper, and can take it one step at a time.

2) Prioritize – Make sure you have a realistic hierarchy of importance – try and distinguish from the chores that are not immediately pressing vs things that must be done ASAP. No one enjoys getting their winter tires removed, or for that matter, hauling their old ones up into ceiling storage for the summer, but putting those odd jobs off too long leads to misery. Do you really want to invest in new tires next year because you were too busy to change last year’s? NO! Is it really worth tripping over snowboards, skis and bulky toboggans all summer, or would it be more productive to store them away in cabinetry now? YES! Prioritizing will help you get a clear idea of what is most pressing on your to-do list, and again, take it one step at a time – trying to do everything at once is frustrating and exhausting!

3) Time Management – Let’s be realistic, you might not be able to complete everything on your list in one day; you’re not super-human! Put some time aside to tackle your to-do’s one day every weekend, or even for a half hour on week nights. Tackle the more difficult chores during your primetime, like on the weekends, when you feel well-rested and energized.

4) Round up the Troops – Make a day of getting the garage organized. Recruit your family and friends, and use it as an excuse to listen to some good tunes, have a BBQ, and spend time with your loved ones. I bet you’ll rustle up some great memories while going through your old storage.

5) Finally, Reward Yourself! – Once you’ve completed a task-or-two of your to-do’s, reward yourself with a treat. Go out and get an ice cream, or maybe even crack open a cold one – hey you deserve it! And finally, once you’ve conquered the unimaginable, unthinkable, and at one point in time hopeless organization of your garage space – give yourself a huge pat on the back, jump up and kick your heels, take yourself out for a steak dinner, and maybe tonight you can even park your car in the garage. Now that’s the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done!

Life brings on enough daily stress about things we are powerless over, so why let a little household work like cleaning out the closet, or organizing your garage get out of control due to a little procrastination? At NewAge Products, we are fully equipped with the highest quality, fully-functional and attractive garage storage solutions which are essential for all home organizing endeavors. Our products are designed to help home owners achieve that clutter-free garage space to live better NOW, and banish procrastination for good!