Spring is in the air, which means it’s time for our annual spring cleaning session! Preparing for spring is about planning, cleaning, and organizing your home and garage now, so you can take advantage of the warm weather later, while making upkeep more manageable. Having trouble finding the time and motivation to get your home organized? Think BBQ’s, patio parties, camping, and lazy springtime afternoons, and you’ll find the encouragement you need in no time! NewAge Products takes you through some must-have organizing tips to help you achieve an organized garage, a cleaner home, and more time to stop and smell the roses this spring.

Clutter Control

I’m sure you’re aware that the cold-season’s clutter has got to go! Tackle your mudrooms with full-force, and stash the parkas, hats, boots and other closet clutter out of your front hall, and into your garage. NewAge Products has the perfect storage solution for winter gear: our 24 Gauge Grey Garage Cabinets! Superb for storing seasonal stuff, the 72” high and 18” deep locker cabinet is fully lockable, with magnetic door latches that close tightly shut. These garage cabinets are made from 100% steel, come fully-assembled, and are great for storing big and bulky winter coats away until next season. Not only do they provide ample storage space, but they look great in the garage. Our 24 gauge cabinets have attractive grey doors with black frames and chrome trim to achieve a stylish, organized garage.

The Post-Clutter Cleanse

Once that pesky winter clutter has been safely removed from eye sight, it’s time to attack the grime, dirt and debris that the clutter’s left behind. Ladies and gentleman grab your toughest cleaners and get to work! More times than not, the spring cleaning mission takes an army of disinfectants and cleaners that sometimes don’t fit so well under the sink. On top of lack of storage space, under-the-sink storage is just asking for discovery from uninvited little fingers. Store cleaning supplies safely out of harm’s reach in the garage with NewAge wall cabinets. Our 24 Gauge wall cabinets can be easily mounted to drywall, studs, or masonry walls with perforated cut outs in the back panel for easy installation. The cabinets are fully-lockable, keeping hazardous chemicals stored safely away.

Garage Storage for Spring

We naturally spend a lot more time outdoors in the spring, meaning we have a ton of spring equipment that builds up from activities like washing the car, gardening or hiking. A garage tool cabinet is a great way to store and organize smaller outdoor items like your car rags, gardening gloves, or compass. The NewAge 24 Gauge Tool Cabinet is ideal for storing smaller spring items in its three, 10” deep drawers with handy drawer liners so your spring stuff stays put.

Welcome spring cleaning with open arms by controlling that clutter with garage storage cabinets from NewAge Products; the ultimate manufacturer of affordable, top quality garage storage products. Visit the products section of our website to peruse our full line of spring cleaning, garage storage solutions for your home!