Garage enthusiasts, be bold – Wikipedia sums up the phrase in three words, “Just do it”. When thinking of a person who encapsulates being bold, we instantly think 007 James Bond, making a bold entrance, impeccably dressed, making a dashing impression.  He demonstrates confidence by standing tall and strong, he makes you love him by always rising to the challenge, and at the end of the day he makes you feel safe and secure.

Bold 7 pcWe get the same feeling when looking at the Bold Series fully welded 24 gauge steel 7 piece garage cabinetry set in gray. This complete locker system stands tall, looking sharp with its clean lines; the bold cabinets make a lasting impression, with its scratch-resistant powder-coat finish; the set makes you feel safe, knowing everything is in its place and locked away – away from little ones hands while they get their favorite toys and sporting equipment for the day’s adventure.

Rugged luxury, loved by women, making men envious – yes I’m still talking cabinets! The Bold Series is the perfect addition to a family’s home. From a simple base cabinet for putting down groceries, to a full 8″ workstation for gardening projects, the NewAge cabinetry system’s expandable setup options are limitless. The set consists of (1) 2 Door Base Cabinet, (2) Wall Cabinets, (2) Locker Cabinets, (1) 3 Drawer Tool Cabinet and (1) 52″ Bamboo Work top; featuring fully adjustable shelves, fully lockable doors, magnetic door latches (with the exception of the tool cabinet), and adjustable feet for easy leveling.

In the words of Wikipedia, Just do it! If you have design questions, need expert advice on storage or just have a question regarding our products, we look forward to hearing from you.