Summer’s almost here and you can feel it in the air! The birds are chirping, the lawn is getting greener, and you have probably started pulling out your summer gear. It’s a wonderful time to get your home and garage organized so follow these simple tips to make the most of your time in the sunshine!

Get ready for a cookout

Do you have cook outs in the summer? Keep all your barbecue supplies
(charcoal, wood chips, lighter fluid, spatula, etc.) organized in your garage in
NewAge’s 18 Gauge Fully-Welded Steel Garage Cabinets, so they’re handy when you
need them. Make sure you keep your flammables locked safely away in our fully-lockable
and durable steel garage cabinets.

Pull out the Towels and Sunscreen

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, don’t spend the summer
searching for misplaced pool supplies. Keep your chlorine, testers, pool
patches, in one consistent, easy-to-find location.  Store them securely away in a fully lockable, garage tool drawer like that found in the Professional Series 18 Gauge
Cabinetry line
. Hang your pool maintenance calendar at eye level on our steel garage
cabinet doors with pegboard side panels for extra storage.

Keep that Curbside Appeal

Mowing the lawn, gardening, watering the greenery and weed control can
all be gruelling tasks. Don’t waste precious summer time looking for your tools
and fertilizers.  Keep your gardening tools and maintenance gear neatly organized withNewAge’s slatwall garage organization systems!  You’ll find it easy to find your
gardening tools when you need them, and most importantly, your garage will look

Have a De-Cluttering Party or Garage Sale!

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to give to the less fortunate
– throw a garage sale or de-cluttering party to get rid of all the items in
your garage you no longer need. Invite family, friends and neighbours to buy
and/or exchange your garage gear. Also invite them to bring 2-3 items of their
own that they no longer need which will get them decluttering too! And remember
– treat your guests to drinks and some good eats to really get the party going!

Place  the items that you don’t sell in a large box and donate them to a charitable organization. (Many charities will actually do home pick-ups, so check in with those organizations in your area.) This is a great way to get organized, but also to help out those that are less fortunate.

And Most importantly… Enjoy the sunshine!

We know the weather is beautiful and you want to be outside. Don’t let the chores pile
up and get you down.  Get out and enjoy your backyard, front yard, garage workshop, pool, etc.  Summers seem to always fly by quickly.   Make sure you build lasting memories       with your friends, family and neighbors. Try gardening, have summer backyard parties, enjoy your pool and work on projects in the garage.

Making this summer an unforgettable one can be easily achieved if you simply prepare,
organize, plan ahead and make the most of your time! For more information about
NewAge garage storage products, browse the website.