Thinking of turning your clutter into extra cash? Here’s a primer on holding a garage sale:

  1. Check out applicable bylaws and regulations. Some residents are only allowed to hold two garage sales a year on their property. If you’re planning a two-day weekend sale, that’s it for the year. Condo rules and apartment leases may restrict or prohibit sales.
  2. Get everyone involved. Multi-generation and neighbourhood sales are fun — and profitable since they tend to draw larger crowds.
  3. Get the word out. Use paid and free advertising –the Internet, bulletin boards at coffee shops or supermarkets and street signs. Emphasize big-ticket items. Mention tools and men will come running.
  4. Be prepared. Spend a few evenings cleaning and pricing items. Stock up on sawhorses, plywood, shelving, tables, hangers and bags. Your first customers will arrive straight from the ATM which only dispenses $20 bills. Have a supply of change handy.