Garage FlooringWith the kids back in school and summer swiftly coming to a close, it’s time to prepare our homes for the fall. You may  decide it’s time to hang up your bike for the season, retire the patio furniture, or toss that  kayak onto ceiling storage racks. By packing up the summer party, you’ll make room to rake in the leaves, while freeing up valuable garage floor real estate for parking the car.

The Down Side to Indoor Parking?

The luxury of having a warm car to greet you in the morning often brings fall muck, and spawns the inevitable dripping automotive fluid flow, all collecting on the floor of your garage. This slippery sludge cocktail can not only be damaging to your garage floor, but could seriously devalue and detract from your garage appeal. What’s the alternative route?

Consider flooring for the garage; the ideal solution to spruce up your space while protecting it from damage and destruction.

Ready, Set, Roll Floor.

NewAge VersaRoll floor provides a simple and absolute solution that shields your garage floor from the perils of autumn. It introduces a barrier to control automotive and outdoor messes, while protecting the value and integrity of the floor. VersaRoll is a versatile garage floor covering that can be used on the entire surface of your floor for that clean, fully-finished look. The beauty of the VersaRoll is its multi-purpose functionality. Cut it into smaller pieces for catching crud below your car or motorcycle. Use a couple of rolls to cover your entire garage floor, while customizing to fit your exact garage dimensions. Got left overs? Smaller pieces can be used to line your truck bed, car floor, dog’s kennel & dishes.

Quick Install Before the Fall

Installing takes ten minutes or less; roll it out, end of story. When sludge and mess visit, simply hose down, or sweep to clean, leaving your garage floor unharmed.

Be the first guy on your block to install VersaRoll in your garage before the onset of fall and winter, and you will not only become the envy of you neighbors, but a hero with the spouse as well.

Garage Flooring; Ain’t She a Beauty?

VersaRoll will not only provide  protection and durability against the seasons, but garage floor buffs recognize the value of preserving the aesthetics and longevity of the ‘new garage’ or ‘man cave’.  If you’re looking for that sleek yet rugged look, you’ll be more than pleased with the garage floor transformation. With a tread plate pattern, that includes a UV-treated surface,  VersaRoll is designed to endure rough garage conditions, while bringing your garage floor to the next level. Choose from a bold beige, beautifulblack, or sleek silver.

Meet autumn head-on, and get your garage fall-ready with the NewAge VersaRoll. VisitVersaRoll on the website for details and images of this innovative and multi-purpose garage floor, made for the seasons.

Watch the VersaRoll Info Video now!