With the excitement of the holidays behind us, and a New Year upon us, January Storage Month presents the perfect opportunity for new beginnings and a fresh start. Many homeowners use this annual occasion as a time to embrace a healthier lifestyle, and get their lives and homes in order. Purging and de-cluttering your home from holiday hoarding is the fast-track to self-improvement and positive piece of mind. At NewAge Products, we’ve got the best in clutter-busters for your storage needs, in the form of top-of-the line garage cabinets and storage products.

We prayed…begged for Santa to bring us everything and its uncle for the holidays last month; but is it possible we went a little overboard? Let’s be honest, were the neck ties, snow shoes, pet sweaters, staple gun, bubble bath, rain boots, scented candles and soccer cleats all totally necessary? Probably not! But hey, we all indulge a little over the holidays. At this point it’s too late to be proactive, but it’s never too late for help now. Imagine making it to your car without tripping over a hill of Christmas debris. (Yeah, we know you’re storing it all in the garage).  Maybe Santa didn’t bring you a place to store your goodies neatly, but NewAge swoops in for the storage save.

Storing Christmas clutter has never been easier than with our heavy-duty Professional Series 18 Gauge Cabinetry Line. Built for rough and tough conditions, this garage cabinetry line was designed for enormous storage, with durability and style in mind. The Pro Series line comes in your choice of sandstone taupe doors with charcoal frames, or grey doors with black frames.

Suddenly that mountainous mayhem on your garage floor just got a little less messy. Now how about those new tools; where does the DIY’er stash the new power drill and hatchet set? The Pro Series Tool Drawer generously offers an organized, handy home with its five fully-lockable drawers on smooth ball-bearing slides. For style and functionality, we’ve fashioned the doors with sleek chrome accents, and armed the legs with height adjustable leveling feet for uneven garage floors. Suddenly you’ve got the best tool drawer in town, and you can see snippets of your floor again.

Looking for a home for the seasonal stuff ‘til Spring? Turn to the Pro Series tall locker cabinet to fulfill your storage needs with ease, providing 42 cubic feet of storage! The locker is ideal for storing large and heavy items, while its’ doors open a whopping 180 degrees for easy-access, and simple storage. The floor’s looking mighty tidy at this point in the game. Looks like those resolutions might not be as unattainable as people make them out to be.

Allow NewAge Products to help fulfill your neat and tidy New Year’s resolutions, with our fully-functional garage organizational and storage products. Celebrate January Storage Month, and embrace a clutter-free environment, and a fresh, organized start to the New Year.