Autumn is here and it’s time to reorganize the garage in preparation for the winter. If you have minimal storage space in your garage and are seeking ideas, nothing beats garage cabinetsGreat for any garage, they’re ideal for setting up a functional workshop space, while doubling as storage for your everyday garage gear.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your finished garage cabinetry solution.

How much space do you have for storage cabinets?

A lot of homeowners underestimate how much space cabinetry may take up in their garage. The NewAge Pro Series Wall Cabinet, for example, is 14” deep. Be proactive and measure the distance from your car to the wall and consider how much space is available;

(Side note) A home is an investment and if you’re planning to sell, there is really only one option – and that’s doing it right from the get-go! Like the upgraded kitchen, bathroom and finished basement, the garage can be a powerful selling feature, giving male buyers the ‘gotta have it!’ syndrome. A fully-finished garage storage design may be the tipping point that starts a bidding war, allowing you to maximize profit. ensuring to leave sufficient space to allow the car doors to open on either side.

What kinds of Garage Cabinets are right for me?

Metal vs. Wood vs. Plastic Garage Cabinets

If you have the ability to do it yourself and are keen on building your cabinets from scratch, maybe wood cabinets is an option for you.

Wood is not a bad idea for the DIY’ers as it offers versatility in style, size and price range. Be advised, cabinets made from MDF or particle board may be easy on the bank roll but are also the most delicate. They can break or chip if handled roughly and generally don’t last as long in a rough garage workshop environment. When planning your build, design to have your wood cabinets off the ground. MDF and particle board are best suited for low moisture environments; which at times, could be a problem in the garage due to auto leaks and access moisture.

Plastic garage cabinets – If you’re looking for a quick fix and are on a limited budget, plastic is the way to go. While plastic can be durable, you may want to go with a wooden or metal cabinet if you’re planning to store heavy materials inside. Plastic can buckle under heavy weight and over time can lead to the shelves cracking. If you have to replace the plastic pieces often, the initial low cost becomes irrelevant.

Metal garage cabinets are the greatest investment for your garage design. As with every good investment, you can expect the highest return with metal, and the longest lifespan compared to other materials. Metal cabinets like those offered by NewAge Products, come fully-welded with a beautiful, strong, powder-coated paint finish; this helps protect the metal from scratches and rusting. NewAge 18 Gauge Professional Series Cabinets are ideal for storage in any garage with a base cabinet weight capacity of 1000 lbs! They’re equipped with sleek chrome leveling legs, strong magnetic doors latches, and attractive chrome handles. Paired with a durable butcher block worktop, this line is unstoppable in the rough conditions of your garage workshop and will last a life time.

Metal cabinets also offer features not available with wood or plastic cabinets. For example, the NewAge Tool Pro Series 5 Drawer Tool Cabinet is a superior quality heavy-duty 18 gauge steel cabinet with cushioned drawer liners and crisp strong welded edges. It features ball-bearing drawer slides, steel inner walls to provide added strength and durability, and adjustable feet for easy leveling.

Whichever direction you decide to take in terms of garage cabinetry, investing in a proper storage solution upgrades the value of your home, and transforms your garage to a fully-functional living space.