It’s about that time again; the mid-winter blues hits in full force, just in time for February flurries. At this point, we’re wondering just how long Jack Frost will keep up the cold. Now, let’s think; what can we do to up our chances of survival ’till spring? How about a hot destination? Booking it to the Bahamas is a great escape, but it’s sure to break the bank. How about something pleasure-packed? A Swedish massage is sure to boost those feel-good hormones. The problem is massages only last so long, and when it’s done, we’re back at square one.

How about tackling a project on the home-front, something that’s been on your to-do list for a while, that you’ve put on the back burner way too long; concur and organize your messy garage! Experts say an organized garage has therapeutic effects on the body, and promotes positive piece-of-mind. It’s time to toss out that trash, then recycle and donate the rest. Sort through the ‘keeps’ and create sections for frequently used items, the big and bulky, and the small and similar stuff.

The NewAge 24 Gauge Cabinetry Line is the perfect fit for an organized garage. For a splash of colour in a frequently colourless space, opt for red garage cabinets with black frames and stylish chrome accents to really make a statement. At 24 gauge steel, these cabinets are an affordable, quality choice for any garage.

Get bulky items like wind-washer fluid, recycling bins, and sidewalk salt off the floor, and stashed away into 100% steel, welded garage cabinets. Our spacious 18″ deep Locker Cabinets provide ultra storage space, so go ahead and smile. Smaller items like tape measures, screwdrivers, or pencils can be easily organized in the NewAge 3 Drawer Tool Cabinet. The Tool Drawer is equipped with 3 x 10″ drawers on ball-bearing slides with drawer liners. It’s a sigh of relief when those tools and trinkets are put away where they belong in an organized manner. Frustration be-gone when you store your grab-and-go items in 24 Gauge Wall Cabinets, ideal for keeping unwanted fingers out-of-reach, and easy-access to the things you need.

Envision actually parking your car in the garage. Take a stroll around the room without tripping on anything! Finish a project in your garage workshop on a solid red oak or bamboo work top. Take back positive piece-of-mind, and feel-good vibes in February with the help of NewAge Products’ innovative line of garage storage solutions. Visit our products section on the website for our full line our garage storage products, and beat those winter blues.